Apply to join K2 Velocity Program

Welcome to the K2 Velocity Program’s application process.  

Ideally, you will be completing the answers to the questions that follow using content that came from a discussion among more than one senior executive team member within your company.  If not, the responses that follow should ideally come from your company’s current CEO.  You can eventually return and modify your responses.

Some of the questions and requests for information that follow are specific to Keiretsu2, and how we are here to serve the K2 Velocity Program’s potential and actual participants.  Others are uniform to information that both we and members evaluating a potential financial investment require.  

Please note that the ProSeeder platform is designed to share information among various Keiretsu Forum Chapters and other investment groups that use the ProSeeder Platform.  Should you choose to present to one or more Keiretsu Forum chapters during or after having completed the Program, the information and documents you provide may eventually be shared with those chapters.  From there, documents compiled during a Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence Process may be shared with potential co-investors from other investment groups.

Because of ProSeeder’s design, by the way, some of the explanation materials about how to use the ProSeeder platform may specifically refer to the funding process, even if you are not currently seeking funding.

We will be reviewing your Application to assess whether we feel your Company is a good fit for the Program at this time.  Our objective is to be of service in some way to every company with which we come in contact.  However, we will only select for the Velocity Program companies with which we feel confident we can achieve our mission.

Upon receiving your application, a member of our team will contact you to schedule a short phone call.  In that call, we will review your stated outcomes, possibly work with you to refine them, and discuss any customization to the Program that might improve the measurable results we would work together to achieve.

Should your company be accepted to join the Program, a printed copy of the key information within the Application (accompanied by your key company documents such as executive summaries, investor overviews, investor and customer presentations, and financial models) will be used by our Specialists in our collective work with you to achieve your objectives. It will be physically present in every interaction.

Basic Info
Company Basics
Market Opportunity
Financial Data
Key Documents

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